We all know the impact that listening to music has on us. Now,  a new study commissioned by Spotify has revealed the impact of playing a musical instrument. It was concluded that playing a musical instrument can positively impact 89% of adults, specifically their mental health by increasing relaxing and happy feelings. 

During lockdown the Where Is My Mind? podcast hosted by Niall Breslin set out to test the impact of music on those stuck at home. Sending 400 ukuleles to those cocooning at home, the participants were taught Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ ‘Home.’ With the help of professionals, the group recorded the world’s first lockdown ukulele rockdown. According to Niall, the purpose of the episode was “When words fail, music speaks,” and this episode of Where Is My Mind? shows the true unifying power of music.” 

The study concluded that 89% of UK adults who regularly played felt it positively impacted their mental health. From this number, 56% felt more relaxed, 48% had feelings of satisfaction, and 43% felt peaceful. Additionally, the testimonies at the end of the podcast concluded that one third felt a sense of purpose throughout the process despite the chaos of the world. 

Music is a great way to refocus at the end of a tough day, relax our mind and give energy to an uplifting activity. With the coronavirus well and truly still in full force, perhaps it’s time we all pick up an instrument to help us when we’re feeling down. You can check out The Lockdown Ukulele Rockdown episode below and see the results for yourself.