Artists show us how truly creative they are when they produce new and different music. Every once in a while, we the fans, get to enjoy when our favourite artists explore a different genre or release a collaboration with someone we didn’t expect. It gives us the chance to expand our music taste beyond the things that we commonly like. We’ve put together a list of these unexpected moments in the music industry that may have confused us in the beginning but are now too easy to love.  

  1. Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé 
  1. Blue and Elton John 
  1. Whitney Houston and Enrique Iglesias 
  1. Stormzy and Linkin Park 
  1. Florence + the Machine and Dizzee Rascal 
  1. Mariah Carey and Westlife 
  1. Jennifer Lopez and Bryan Adams 
  1. BTS and Halsey 
  1. Dua Lipa and Andrea Bocelli 
  1. Paul McCartney, Rihanna and Kanye West