We’ve all scrolled through the curated playlists on Spotify hoping to find treasures that can help us through work, gym or jamming in the car. There seems to be something for everyone, every mood and any situation. Many of us enjoy exploring new genres and creating custom playlists. With this freedom comes some very interesting user playlist creations. For your entertainment (and ours), we have pulled together the most unique Spotify playlists that actually exist. 

  1. 1940s Dinner Party 

If you find yourself hosting a sophisticated 40’s themed soiree, have this playlist playing in the background to make your guests feel like they’ve stepped into a world where Bing Crosby and Ella Fitzgerald once delighted the masses. 

  1. Walking Like a Badass 

Ever wished the soundtrack that played in your head during the boss moments in your life actually existed? Walking Like a Badass is exactly what you think it is. Perfect for sidewalk struts and a confidence booster before a big life moment.  

  1. Halloween Party Noises 

We all have that one neighbour or friend that likes to go the extra mile when it comes to Halloween decorations. Halloween Party Noises will give you an extra edge to your party planning. From scary screams to ghostly laughs, your guests will definitely feel like they’ve stepped into a haunted house. 

  1. Make It Stop! 

Created by Spotify, this playlist is described as a painful collection of some of the most hated and horribly annoying songs of all time. You would think that this playlist would be unpopular, but it has over 3,000 likes already. If you decide to explore, we suggest you start with your volume set on low.  

  1. Cat Dreams – Relaxing Music for Cats & Cat Lovers 

If you’re looking to spend some quality bonding time with your cat, the best way to gain their favour is to play them the music from this album. It’s a mix of calming, classical music that would relax even the most stubborn feline.