Football or Soccer, depending on where you are from, is a sport that transcends cultural barriers. We only have to look to an event like the FIFA World Cup to understand the uniting power this sport has. People from all around the world love to show love to the best players and teams around the world.  

When we aren’t watching the game, some of us love to play in a park or backyard with friends or in a local league. With so many breathtaking destinations in the world, it’s no surprise that some there are football pitches that exist in the most unique circumstances. Check out this list of six such places that will definitely blow you away:  

  1. Ko Panyi, Thailand – Floating Football Pitch 

This pitch was built by the people of this small fishing village during the 1986 World Cup. It has since been restored with sturdier material so it can be enjoyed every day by the young and old. 

  1. Rome, Italy – Campo Gerini Pitch 

Surrounded by history, a Roman Felice Aqueduct is the backdrop to the games played at this football pitch just outside of Rome.  

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Photo Credit: Filippo Monteforte/AFP/Getty Images.
  1. Lofoten, Norway – Henningsvær Football Pitch 

The Lofoten Islands exist just beyond the Arctic Circle and are home to a fishing village as well as this incredible football pitch.  

  1. Qeqertasuaq, Greenland – Open Football Stadium 

Enjoy a game of football in the open air with the icebergs acting as your silent spectator. 

  1. Marina Bay, Singapore – The Float 

With the Singapore city skyline in the background, The Float boasts being the world’s largest floating stage and football stadium. 

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  1. Gspon, Switzerland – Ottmar Hitzfeld Stadium 

Only accessible by cable car, this stadium is 2000 meters above sea level and is the highest pitch in Europe.  

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