Go behind the scenes of celebrity life this week in the Cuppa Of Life virtual café. From those who share the stories of the rich and famous, to those who joined the ever-growing world of reality TV, and storytellers who dictate what we see on the screen, the café is full of fascinating stories and insights to brighten your day. 

On Monday, meet Jonathan Moran, Australia’s authority on all things entertainment and celebrity. With a career in celebrity journalism that spans over a decade, J.Mo has interviewed some of the world’s biggest names. He will be sharing what it takes to break the biggest celebrity stories, as well as his own personal journey behind the scenes. 

On Tuesday, hailing from Australian racing royalty is the stylish and remarkable Kate Waterhouse. Having grown up in the media spotlight, Kate took her journalism career to insightful heights, forging her own path in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle sector, and lending her face and voice to various racing, lifestyle and entertainment ventures across TV and media outlets. Her story of creating your own path to success, and evolving with the times is not to be missed. 

On Wednesday, MAFS fans unite- Cam and Jules (probably the only successful reality TV couple ever!) are joining the café. Outside of meeting and falling in love on Married At First Sight, Cam and Jules lead purposeful lives, using their passions and their celebrity to be a voice. Jules runs her own shapewear brand for women of all shapes and sizes, Figur, and Cam- an ex-professional cricketer- is a proud ambassador of Cuppa Of Life’s charity partner, Gotcha4Life. They will be sharing their story in the café this week! 

On Thursday, Australia’s premier producer of television drama, Rick Held will be joining the café to remember the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi death camps. While he has built his career as a screenwriter and editor on TV series such as ‘A Place To Call Home’ and ‘Packed To The Rafters’, it is his first novel, ‘Night Lessons in Little Jerusalem’ that holds such a poignant place in his heart. Inspired by his father’s wartime memoir, Rick takes a look at how those events shaped our history. 

On Friday, author and endurance athlete Tofe Evans will be sharing his story of adapting and being resilient in sticky situations. Best known as ‘that kid’ who ran an ultramarathon down the slopes of Mt Everest, Tofe is now one of the world’s youngest thought leaders on practical resilience and mental health. Finish of your week with inspiration to become the best version of you. 

It’s going to be an exciting and unpredictable week in the Cuppa Of Life café. If you’ve always had a curiosity about what happens in the world of celebrity, or just like discovering how the names you know have done what they do, this week is for you. 

So grab your cuppa and listen in weekdays at 8:30am. Register your seat today at www.cuppaoflife.com and join us every weekday at 8:30amEST.