With his Open for Renovations show now back on sale with a range of dates in October at the Athenaeum Theatre in Victoria, we caught up briefly with Akmal on the road to Byron Bay. He gave us a brief glimpse into his life in isolation, his wife’s views on social distancing and the positives that have come from the pandemic. 

What have you been doing with yourself during lockdown? 

Practicing social distancing with my wife, she thinks it should be 1.5 kilometres apart. 

What are you most looking forward to about performing live again? 

I’m looking forward to whingeing about how I’m working too much and wishing there was some sort of pandemic so I can have a well-earned rest. 

Have there been any positives to come out of this period for you or the industry? 

The positives that have come out of this is that for the last four months I’ve attracted the same numbers of audience as Carl Barron.  

With the restrictions on international travel set for some time, will 2021 be the year of celebrating great Aussie talent? 

Yes, go and see Jimmy Barnes but don’t forget to keep social distances of at least 1.5 kilometres, you’ll still be able to hear him clearly. 

Tickets are now on sale for Open for Renovations at the Athenaeum Theatre for performances in October. If you hold tickets for the re-scheduled March dates, check out the re-schedule date for your performance here. Simply present your existing ticket at the venue for entry on that date.