When it comes to well-being, it can be difficult to know where to start, what to focus on, and who to listen to. Burning out, mental health troubles, failure in personal or professional life can all cloud the mind and dull the senses. Getting your head around the fog can seem impossible. The Lunch & Learn masterclass with Sean Hall will be an eye-opening opportunity to discover the sciences and philosophies behind human performance.  

Well-being is a combination of many factors and is explored through many avenues, including neuroscience, positive psychology, growth mindset, mindfulness, and physiology. With burnout being a serious risk factor in high-performing adults, Sean is the perfect example of how that can indeed happen, and how you can come back from the brink. A TEDx speaker, mental health advocate, and CEO of human performance company Energx, Sean learnt the importance of well-being the hard way, after experiencing severe burnout twice in a space of only 3 years.  

Working a big job in an even bigger company, Sean loved the work he did, so much so that he failed to take care of himself. While leading a major transformation project impacting 16 million customers, Sean suddenly found himself with ‘no gas left in the tank’. It caught him by surprise, as he had no idea of the warning signs his body was giving him, so when he hit rock bottom, he hit hard. 

Fast forward to today, and Sean is extremely proud of the work he is doing as a mental health advocate, and in helping people to be at their best. As he says, “being an entrepreneur is not something that anyone should enter into lightly”, but to Sean, well-being has never been more important, especially right now. 

When it comes to sharing his philosophy and his programs with the world, Sean focuses on energy. 

“We all feel energy. We know when things either energize us or deplete us. That gives us a great universal starting point from which to understand what decisions we are making that either energize us or deplete us. Then the other thing is to think about is that when we’re really at our best, it is when our brains are lit up. 

When we think that way every other aspect of wellbeing becomes in service to our mental wellbeing. Because when I light up my brain, I’m going to have my best thinking, my sharpest ideas. I’m going to be emotionally intelligent. I’m going to read the situation. I’m going to give my best energy to the people that I care about the most.” 

In Sean’s masterclass, you will learn: 

  • How to light up your brain to produce sharp thinking and bright ideas 
  • How to manage your energy diary and have fewer meetings 
  • How to wake up refreshed and vanquish energy vampires 

Buy your ticket to Sean’s Lunch & Learn masterclass, and spend your lunch hour learning how to clear the fog from your brain, and make sharper, more deliberate choices in your personal and professional life. Sean’s session is third in a 6-week Lunch & Learn series, airing Thursday 17th September 2020 at 12:30pm AEST. Lunch & Learn masterclasses run for 1 hour and are highly interactive, live webinar sessions.