Musician Jack River (Holly Rankin) has a very impressive resume with a diverse range of capabilities including festival organizer, activist, and writer. The ARIA-nominated artist now adds podcast host to that list, with the release of To Rebel in The Times. 

Jack River has always used her platform to deliver a consistent message and advocate for change. Earlier this year River sat down with politician, environmentalist and Midnight Oil frontman, Peter Garret. Chats like this, and the rise of COVID-19 presented the perfect opportunity for River to launch her podcast To Rebel in The Times. 

Using her new platform, River speaks to influential voices within the music industry to shine a light on important issues such as environmental and social viewpoints. 

 “We are living in such a huge time, undergoing intense culture shifts, wrangling the upheaval of old ideas and (hopefully) replacing them with something better,” Jack River explained. “With To Rebel in The Times, I wanted to know where artists’ minds are at, especially the artists who have made it their life and art’s work to create change, and why it is so important to them that they use their voice, that they stand up and not only say something, but do something.” 

To Rebel in The Times features one new episode weekly, over a six-week period, featuring those associated with the Australian and international music scene. River discusses the ideas and complexities of important issues within society and how musicians are using these conversations in their music. 

“In my career so far, I’ve found that my activism and will for change sit right beside my art – often inspiring it,” Jack River added. “I want to make a little space for deep conversation and make time to talk about the complexities and drives of change in this time we are living in.” 

Jack River’s To Rebel in The Times podcast is available here.