The king of improvisational comedy, Ross Noble will close out the Comedy S.O.S. series with the world online premiere of his El Hablador show on Saturday 19th September. We put a few questions to Ross to get a dose of what we’ve come to expect from one of our favourite comedians! 

What was your first ever live show like? 

I started as a street performer so my first live show was like a comedy gig but with no roof and the drunk people heckling had been just been woken up.  

What’s your most embarrassing comedy moment? 

I once forgot I was in Scotland and asked an American Why they moved here to England.  

How did you first get into comedy and how did you first realise you were ‘funny’? 

I did a 5 min open mic spot and the great thing about stand up is you find out pretty quick if you are funny or not.  

Have you found yourself doing any bizarre activities during lockdown? 

Some of our chickens got sick so we didn’t eat the eggs for a few weeks so myself my my kids egged each other.  

If you were in lockdown with 3 other comedians of your choice who would they be and why? 

Laurel and hardy as I have a piano that I need moving and that would be fun to watch. And Nick Offerman as he is good at woodwork and could fix the the piano.  

What can we expect to see from your show El Hablador? 

Possibly the last live stand-up show ever filmed in-front of a live audience. I can guarantee there will be monkeys mentions 

If you have a question of your own for Ross Noble, make sure you tune in to El Hablador, this Saturday, September 19th as he will be live, answering all your questions at the end of the show.