The Lunch & Learn masterclass with Kamal Sarma comes at the perfect time, as the world comes to grips with the panic and uncertainty of this health pandemic. Unfortunately, many of us never get the opportunity to learn and master the skills of resilience, and with the lack of that ability, we can experience unnecessary trauma. 

When we learn to master our innate ability to find focus and clarity in our mindset, we unlock the pathways needed to build resilience and make better, more productive decisions. This skillset covers every aspect of our lives from personal to professional, and every level in the corporate world too. If we understand how our minds work, we can improve how we process what life throws at us, and we have a greater chance at success. 

Kamal knows firsthand the importance of understanding mindset, and the power of resilience. After the death of his first daughter, Kamal was changed forever, and his realization that he lacked the coping mechanisms to deal with his loss, catapulted him into a new life direction. He left his role in finance and funds management and dedicated his life to focusing on understanding and sharing the importance of resilience and thriving at life. 

Kamal has now spent over 20 years in this space, helping people better develop their most precious asset- the mind. He draws on his personal experience with loss, as well as the values and insights he gained from the 6 years he spent living as a monk. Now as the founder of strategic leadership firm Rezilium, Kamal delivers customized strategies and presentations for corporate teams across a range of industries. 

In Kamal’s masterclass, you will learn: 

  • How to develop personal and professional resilience 
  • How to maintain focus and clarity to make better decisions 
  • How to create space to rest your mind 
  • Practical tools to sustain your resilience 

Buy your ticket to Kamal’s Lunch & Learn masterclass, and spend your lunch hour improving your mindset, and strengthening your resilience. Kamal’s session is the second in the 6-week Lunch & Learn series by Cuppa of Life, airing Thursday 10th September 2020 at 12:30 pm AEST. Lunch & Learn masterclasses run for 1 hour and are highly interactive, live webinar sessions.