We take a look back at some of the strangest, biggest and cutest entertainment industry world records. 

1. The Youngest Boy Band 

Starting off with the cutest of them all, check out the Youngest Boy Band in the world, Baby Boiz. Featuring Julian (9), Caleb (6), Gavin (11), Ravi (4) and Jake (23) the New York based boy band set the record in 2016. We wonder where they are now… 

2. Most Concerts in 24 Hours 

Helge Toft and musicians Jen Rimau, Paul Inge Vikingstad and Anders Bjelland set the record for the most concerts performed in 24 hours. The team ventured throughout Norway to complete the record, finishing with a total of 65 concerts. 

3. The Longest DJ Relay 

The Dubai Mall Ice Rink was the host of the longest DJ relay, where a total of 151 DJ’s kept the beat going. Smashing the previous record of 130 DJ’s this would have been the longest mosh ever. 

4. Longest Individual Karaoke Marathon 

Who doesn’t love a good karaoke session? Well this guy obviously loves it, setting the record for the longest individual karaoke marathon in 2010. Rounding out the session at 101 hours, 59 minutes and 15 seconds, Leonardo Polverelli deserved a nap marathon after that performance. 

5. First Gig on a Floating Iceberg 

The Defiled, a British industrial metal band braved the ice-cold temperatures to perform a 30-minute gig on a floating iceberg. Taking place in the middle of the Greenland Sea, the band were the first to face the dangerous challenge. 

6. Longest Guitar Marathon 

Talk about a marathon, David Bowie completed 114 hours, 6 minutes and 30 seconds of guitar playing in 2011. 

We aren’t really sure how some of these musicians stayed awake for that long, but boy did they surprise us!