What do Queen + Adam Lambert, Phil Collins, Hugh Jackman, James Smith and Keith Urban have in common? If your answer is they are some of the best live performers the world has seen, you would be half right. The correct answer is all of these artists plus many more were brought to Australia shores by TEG.  

TEG is leading the charge when it comes to bringing entertainment to Australia. Their range of events varies from concerts, major sporting events, comedians and even theatre productions. The TEG team live and breathe world class entertainment, working endless days and nights to ensure that whenever you go to one of their events you have the best experience possible.   

We are lucky enough to work with these people and we think now is the time for you to find out about them. 

Without further ado, we would like to introduce to you David Fortescue (TEG Live), Randall Nolan (TEG Live) and Phil Eades (MJR Presents).


What is your role in the Entertainment Industry? What does it entail?  

David: I am a Project Manager for TEG Live, one of the live content arms of TEG, based out of Melbourne. My role touches pretty much every facet of putting on a touring show, from artist research, budgeting and ticketing to go on sale, through to working with the artist team, venues and other stakeholders to run the tour and each individual show. 

Randall: Senior Tour Promoter at TEG Live. My role entails the creation, procurement and execution of live music tours and events. 

Phil: I’m the Operations Manager for MJR Presents, every day is different, from budgeting, tour routing, contracting, ticket builds, site management, logistics and the occasional dispute resolution (over the air conditioner temperature in a demountable between 2 of my favourite tour managers) it makes for an interesting career. 


What has been your favourite event to work on?  

David: There has been shed loads, for a range of reasons. Guns N’ Roses when I worked for TEG Dainty was amazing because it was the first time I got to work on a stadium tour. More recently, Melbourne Esports Open has been a highlight, as it’s an event that we built from the ground up and each year it gets better and better. 

Randall: FIRE FIGHT AUSTRALIA – Feb 2020 was by far the most rewarding event I’ve worked on. 

Phil: Each event has had its own parts that make them special , the crowd at the One Love Festival were amazing, Hans Zimmer Live was like nothing I had ever seen before, and working with the team with I Love the 90’s was very memorable, and how can I forget Steel Panther always a good time! 


Credit: Jess Gleeson


What is your most memorable moment so far?  

David: Memorable good, or memorable bad? There have honestly been so many. In truth, the moments where you take 2 minutes (if you are lucky) to see a show you have worked on for months, or years, from the eyes of a punter are some of the best. For me one of the most memorable were seeing Prince during his theatre run in Australia. They would be some of his last shows, and whilst I was never a “fan”, seeing him playing his piano to 2,000 die hard fans, I had that moment of “I get it now, I understand the genius”. The bad? Maybe being up to my knees in mud working on Good Vibrations festival early in my career. Or the terrific sunburn from putting on Neil Diamond in the Swan Valley on a 42 degree day. 

Randall: Watching Hilltop Hoods from side stage as they performed to 80,000 + people at Eminem’s record breaking SOLD OUT performance at The MCG in 2019 was an incredible and unforgettable moment. 

Phil: When Lisa Gerrard sang the theme for Gladiator at Qudos Bank Arena with Hans Zimmer was unbelievable. Goosebump moment. 


What is the best part of working in the Entertainment Industry? 

David: It’s a cliche, but it’s always different. No two shows are the same. I love the jigsaw puzzle of all these competing requirements and interests vying for attention. When you get it right it’s magic. When you miss-place a piece, it can be a disaster, but either way its bloody good fun. I also like the people – it’s a tough gig, so if you don’t love it (even the days you hate it), you leave. So, the attrition leaves a fantastic group of people working their asses off to make magic happen. 

Randall: The best part about this industry has to be its people. It’s an industry that hosts so many people from highly different backgrounds and places scattered all over the world. These people unite in their common love and passion for music/sports/theatre/performance and more often than not their trade is their lifeblood. I don’t think any other industry can claim to have a more diverse collective of members! 

Phil: The reaction of the crowd when the house lights go down and you can feel the gig is about to start, the atmosphere is electric. 


Describe the people of the Entertainment Industry in 3 words. 

David: Hardworking – Crazy – Fearless 

Randall: Resilient, Dedicated, Creative…..(aka Crazy) 

Phil: Dedicated, passionate, hilarious 


Any advice for people that want to work in this industry? 

David: Understand that it’s not glamorous 99.9% of the time. It’s a job and you need to act like a professional. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, get stuck it and be sure to put your hand up if you bugger it up. No one will have (too much) of a go at you for stuffing something up, but they will sniff you out in a moment if you don’t fess up and do everything you can to make it right. Lastly, be someone other people want to work with. Be kind wherever possible and say thank you as much as you can. 

Randall: Be willing to work in a highly unorthodox environment that does not subscribe to a traditional set of rules or protocols. Ensure you have a passion for the field in which you want to specialise, this passion is what will drive you to go above and beyond for your craft when at times it may feel like you’re treading water. Maintain an open mind and be willing to absorb as much as possible by exposing yourself to all opportunities even if at the time it’s not what you had planned…eg sometimes you can learn a great deal from a task that may appear mundane (you’d be surprised what you learn when sweeping the floor after a concert!). More so now than ever – ensure you have a solid plan B in the event things don’t go the way you had planned in the first instance! 

Phil: Try your hand at everything, you never know what you are good at. I started in a recording studio as an engineer! Don’t be afraid to evolve and take chances. 


If you could be involved in any other role within the industry, what would it be?  

David: To be honest this role is the culmination of nearly 15 years of work. I have a bunch to learn here. I sometimes wonder what it would be like working within the artists camp, but we shall see where the road goes. 

Randall: Record Producer: I find the role of producer very interesting/impressive; it’s a role that often sits just to the side of a song writer, composer, creator yet has so much influence on what a musical concept or idea can manifest into. The great producers like Rick Rubin are living proof of this given how many varying genre’s and artists of very different styles he’s had a profound impact on! 

Phil: I love doing what I do, I would like to work on events in other countries such as the US, UK and Canada just to experience their way of doing things. 


If you had to be locked in a room with one artist for a day, who would you choose? Why? 

David: Tough one – and a day is a long time. I reckon Hugh Jackman. I just feel like he would be good fun to hang out with for a day. Not too much pressure. 

Randall: The late Dimebag Darrel (lead guitarist and founding member of Pantera). Dimebag is one of the greatest metal guitarists that ever lived and was a pioneer for that brand and style of heavy metal ‘Groove metal’ that came out of the late 80’s and early 90’s. Despite being a beer guzzling metal head from Texas, Dimebag was renowned for being one of the most friendly and loving characters in Rock and Roll. I’d love to pick his brain on the many NSFW anecdotes he would have as well as how he conceptualised the many guitar styles he created! 

Phil: Can I say a producer? Andy Wallace has always punched out amazing mixes…would love to spend some time in a studio with him. 


What is your go-to drink after a gig? 

David: Life starts with a beer, then progresses to whiskey. 

Randall: Summer gigs: Cold beer. Winter gigs: Shiraz. All gigs: Both 

Phil: Soda Water 


How has Covid 19 affected you? What have you learnt about yourself/the industry during this time? 

David: I’m a rather well-adjusted hermit and one of the benefits of working in touring is you get better at working anywhere and self-motivating. So, from that side, it’s not too bad. The down is that it’s really hard to put together a jigsaw puzzle when you don’t know how many pieces there are, or what they look like. The ground is shifting constantly, so trying to think of potential shows, budget them etc is a bit challenging. The other challenge is seeing so many in our industry so hard done by. I am truly one of the lucky ones, but there are literally thousands of people involved in our industry that the average punter doesn’t know exists, who are completely stuffed at the moment. This is the folks who unload the trucks, the folks who drive the artist and crew, the folk who manage travel, that build the stages, that serve drinks, that clean up after the show – the list goes on. 

Randall: Covid 19 has had a devastating impact on the live touring business and has really brought it to a screeching halt. Our bread and butter in touring is bringing people together in large scale mass gatherings, which as of right now is not something that is achievable with the necessary social distancing measures that are in place to combat further spread of this pandemic. I’ve learned that live music is a really important part of my DNA and something that I’m missing far more than I ever thought possible. Whilst members of our industry are doing their very best to produce engaging and compelling online musical content, there is simply no way to recreate the electric atmosphere and vibe that is present at a live event/concert, whether that be a local band playing to 15 people at the pub or an international supergroup playing to a SOLD OUT stadium. 

Phil: Work has come to a grinding halt, however Ive spent time doing some internal housework and tidying up databases and processes. Have started up Uni again and got a dog….always thought I was more of a cat person but I’m coming around. 


Which event that is now back on sale are you most excited to attend?  

David: I’m keen to check out Ocean Alley. I was meant to get married the same day they were playing in Melbourne. No wedding due to Covid, so I guess the silver lining is I get to watch their re-scheduled show.


Randall: As a Melburnian, the prospect of attending an event in the immediate future is one that needs to be delayed a little longer. We at TEG Live have a cavalcade of new and exciting content in the pipeline all of which will be rolled out in the coming months once safe and responsible to do so. I’m very excited about many of the large-scale projects we have in train and I know that the ever growing appetite for live music amongst Australians will well and truly be catered for! 

Phil: James Smith 2021…missed him last time

Don’t want to miss out on seeing James Smith?


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