You may know and love him as a judge from the hit show LEGO® Masters Australia but The Brickman aka Ryan McNaught has been entertaining audiences at The Brickman Exhibitions for many years now. He is a LEGO® Certified Professional, one of only 14 in the world and the only one in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Ryan and his team have built some of the most incredible LEGO® brick models for the four massive exhibitions that have travelled around the world. We have been lucky enough to attend a few over the years and have put together a few of our favourite creations. Ryan and his team show us how creativity can inspire both adults and children alike.  

Brickman Cities 2019 

Aptly named, this exhibition took you on a journey to the world’s greatest cities made with LEGO® blocks and combined with cutting edge technology. To make this even better, kids were allowed to play with millions of blocks in the interactive master-builder zone! 

  • Manhattan Model
  • Dubai Model

Brickman Awesome 2018 

Travelling around Australia in 2018, this exhibition featured 37 exhibits with over 2 million LEGO® bricks. It was truly an interactive wonderland for young and old. 

  • NASA’s SLS Rocket 
  • Toyota Camry

The Brickman Experience 2015 

Our memories of this experience go all the way back to 2015. This exhibition featured sixty original works from big to small and is now making its way to the UK.