2020 has been an exceptionally tough year for many, especially the live entertainment industry with the cancellation of thousands of events. Whether a headliner act, a world tour or those behind the scenes, the cancellation of these events has impacted many. 

Thursday 10th September is R U OK Day, a day dedicated to checking in with friends, family and starting conversations. The Insider team encourage everyone to check on their loved ones this R U OK? Day, especially during these uncertain times. 

R U OK? recommend four simple steps when checking in on someone. 

Credit: R U OK?

“By starting a conversation and commenting on the changes you’ve noticed, you could help that family member, friend or workmate open up. If they say they are not ok, you can follow our conversation steps to show them they’re supported and help them find strategies to better manage the load. If they are ok, that person will know you’re someone who cares enough to ask.” – R U OK? 

Thursday 10th September, be sure to reach out to one another and ask R U OK? You can find all the tools and resources to confidently have this conversation on the R U OK? website. If you or anyone you know is not feeling ok, head to the R U OK? website and reach out for support.