With the music scene severely impact by COVID, 61 independent live music venues have joined together to launch an online petition calling on the NSW Government to provide immediate support to save the state’s live music industry. 

Who is part of Save Our Stages NSW? 

Save Our Stages NSW is a collection of independent music venues from across NSW, whose stages welcome artists from across the state, country and from all corners of the globe. These are the places where communities come together for a shared experience, to enjoy music, to dance, to meet friends, to meet new people, to work. They celebrate artists and provide them with the space to hone their craft, meet their fans and grow their careers.  

What is Save Our Stages NSW asking for?  

The Queensland and Victorian Governments have committed millions of dollars in support to their venues, now Save Our Stages NSW are asking the NSW Government to act.  

Save Our Stages NSW are calling on the NSW Government to work with MusicNSW and industry representatives to devise a stimulus package that will ensure the ongoing survival of venues. A package that will support the artists and communities who depend on live music for their existence, safeguard the future of our industry, and save our stages.  

Why is live music in NSW so important? 

NSW is home to the biggest music industry in the country. It has some of Australia’s greatest artists and performers, biggest crowds and world-class stages. The industry employs approximately 23,000 people and contributes $3.6 billion to NSW’s economy.  

Why are live music venues in NSW so important? 

Venues build community, boost the economy, improve wellbeing and drive tourism. They also provide artists with places to share their music with fans and find new audiences. Music venues invest millions of dollars each year to provide music to the people of NSW.  

How are live music venues doing?  

Save Our Stages NSW says that after six years of lockout laws, devastating bushfires and now the unprecedented impacts of COVID-19, venues are doing it tough. Months of stringent COVID safety measures and social distancing restrictions have led many venues to operate under reduced capacities and with higher staff overheads. For an industry that operates on a very lean profit model, this has proved devastating. Venues are accumulating hundreds of thousands of dollars in debts, and now face the real possibility of permanent closure before the end of the year. 

What will happen if we don’t act now? 

According to Save Our Stages NSW, if we don’t save our live music venues now, it will be years before the industry recovers. There is a very high replacement cost for live music venues – once a venue is gone, it’s gone for good. There is limited venue stock, and a lack of affordable square meterage of unobstructed spaces that can be converted to viable professional performance premises. There will also be thousands of jobs lost and significant impact on artistic development and the careers of our artists.  

How can people help? 

If you’d like to support Save Our Stages NSW, sign the petition NOW at www.sosnsw.org. By doing so, you’ll be helping to protect local music venues, support artists and save live music in NSW.