Take us back to the Bait Shop days when the way to discover new music was to watch our favourite teen drama with resident bad boy Ryan Atwood and his endless struggle to save Marissa Cooper and the constant will they/won’t they love battle between comic book sweetheart Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts.  

It’s hard to believe it’s been 17 years since The OC first aired with four seasons bringing us killer bands playing at the Newport hotspot, The Bait Shop and six soundtracks helping shape some of the most iconic OC moments ever. 

Here are our faves: 

Rooney – Season 1, Episode 15 “The Third Wheel” 

Youth Group – Season 1, Episode 4 “The Last Waltz” 

The Killers – Season 2, Episode 4 “The New Era” 

Phantom Planet – Intro theme song 

Coldplay – Season 2, Episode 23 “The O.Sea” 

Imogen Heap – Season 2, Episode 24 “The Dearly Beloved” 

The Subways – Season 3, Episode 7 “The Anger Management” 

Matt Pond – Season 2, Episode 14 “The Rainy Day Women” 

Imogen Heap – Season 3, Episode 25 “The Graduates” 

Nada surf – Season 1, Episode 21 “The Goodbye Girl”