We have scoured the globe to bring you the top 10 most bizarre, crazy and truly amazing concerts in the world. From the iconic Beatles surprise gig on top of a London rooftop to the bizarre KISS shark performance in Port Lincoln, here are our favourite moments in Australia and beyond.  

Diplo – Sydney Harbour Bridge 

What a way to make an entrance into Aus. Diplo has made history as the first performance ever to take place on top of Sydneys iconic Harbour Bridge in 2019. Treating a very select few, 440 feet above sea level to a very intimate DJ set, all the celebrate the bridges 21st birthday. 

Rihanna – 777 World Tour 

Remember when Rihanna decided to fly 150 of her fans (aka journalists) around the world on a private plane for her 777 world tour? With the media still split on if this was a stroke of genius or a PR nightmare, we will let you decide with the full 777 documentary capturing 7 days in 7 countries and 7 Rihanna shows.  

Elton John – Surprise Metro Station 

After popping in for a surprise show at Londons, St. Pancras station, Elton John left fans utterly surprised as he played his instrumental hit songs “Tiny Dancer,” “Your Song,” “Bennie and the Jets,” “Candle in the Wind” and “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” before signing the piano, donating it to the station and heading on his way.  

Ed Sheeran – Wedding Surprise 

Could Ed Sheeran get any sweeter? Surprising two fans at their dream wedding, all organised by KISS fm, Ed Sheeran serenaded the duo as they made their way to the floor for a very memorable first dance.   

Kanye West – Texas Jail 

Leaving the inmates in tears, Kanye West and his choir performed to 200 select prisoners and staff sharing tracks from his newest album Jesus is King, then making his way through a secret tunnel to perform again at the nearby women’s prison.  

KISS – Shark performance in South Australia  

Legendary rockers KISS had to cut their tour short in 2019 due to an illness with Paul Stanley, but luckily before they left, they played one last show on a boat south of Port Lincoln in South Australia to some unlikely shark fans. The performance was broadcast through underwater speakers in hopes of attracting the great whites through the low frequency sound of rock and roll, however, no sharks attended the event.  


🦈🦈KISS PERFORM 🎸🎤🤟🏼Take a sneaky look as American legends of rock KISS perform to sharks and a handful of lucky ticket holders off our coastline today. Unfortunately word is that the local sharks didn’t come to the party. Maybe they just prefer the homegrown rock of AC/DC?!Maybe it’s because KISS were out at Williams Island and the sharks were lined up waiting at Neptunes? 🎥 Simone Bertram

Posted by ABC Eyre Peninsula on Sunday, November 17, 2019

Kendrick Lamar – Flatbed Truck 

If Kendrick tweets a location, you go there as you may get to see him performing a surprise show on the back of a flatbed as it makes its way down Sunset Boulevard in LA. Crowds ran behind the flatbed as Kendrick played 5 kilometers worth of songs, all in the name of a new running shoe promoted by Reebok. 

The Beatles – London Rooftop 

One of history’s most iconic surprise gigs saw The Beatles play on a Central London rooftop with many of the audience on their lunch break or strolling by. The concert was ultimately their last live performance together playing a sweet 42 minutes before police shut it down due to noise complaints.  

Tupac – Coachella Hologram 

For everyone that missed watching Tupac perform when he was alive, his Coachella hologram took us all back in time as he rapped alongside Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. The lifelike hologram left fans, shocked, confused and amazed and will surely be a performance talked about for years.  

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – NYC Bus 

Surprising casual bus commuters, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis busted out their hit song “Can’t Hold Us” with commuters instantly clapping along and dancing to the tune as part of the Grammys “Music Unleashes Us” campaign designed to capture audiences natural reactions to music. However, it is still unknown if the performance was staged or not.  

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