Ticketek in partnership with Craft Cartel Liquor is proud to announce we have crowned the inaugural winner of Australia’s Biggest Sports Fan Series! Over the course of the competition, we were overwhelmed by stories, personal recounts and experiences across a vast range of sporting events held across the country.  

Whilst the competition was fiercely contested and the voting was close, like any great sporting contest the cream rises to the top with a winner prevailing.  

Congratulations to Lorraine Hardy from Western Australia! Lorraine’s entry captured not only her live event experience and the incredible milestone of witnessing a 12-goal haul but also threw in our sponsor’s name for good measure!  

Winning submission

Like the taste of a craft cartel beer, West Coast Eagles round 16 2010, witnessing live the flavour of success when LeCras kicked 12 goals. 

Lorraine takes home the overall prize of a $500 Ticketek Gift Voucher and a Beer Club Yearly Subscription thanks to our good friends at Craft Cartel Liquor!  

Here’s a recount of the special day as detailed by Lorraine, sit back and enjoy:

What was your experience like at the match you attended?

Electrifying, it was definitely a feel good moment. 

Where were you seated in the grounds?

Level 1, around about the 50 metre line. 

How long have you barracked for the West Coast Eagles for? 

16 years 

Do you have a favourite player (aside from Mark LeCras)?  

Luke Shuey 

How many matches do you attend a season? 

Every home game and occasionally away games. 

For someone who has never attended a live AFL match, could you explain the experience, the atmosphere, the crowd involvement? 

The atmosphere live is exciting, the roar of the crowd, the friendly banter, there is a lot of cheering and chants from the cheer squad, which then hypes up the crowd, it’s entertaining and very enjoyable. 

What was the one thing you missed about attending the live events throughout the COVID-19 shutdown period? 

The quality time spent with family at something we shared the same passion for, it a big part of our social calendar. 

Have you had any thought on which event you will attend using your Ticketek Gift voucher valued at $500.00? 

Ticketek has so much choice, I’m having trouble deciding, I’m excited to know that I’m able to attend something of my choosing when I want. 

What would you like to say about our brand sponsor Craft Cartel Liquor and your recently acquired Beer Club Yearly Subscription? 

The subscription to try Craft Cartels unique beer, delivered to my door is a fantastic  prize to win and to share the tasting experience with my family will bring a lot of  enjoyment, cheers Craft Cartel.